About Me and Stories


Everyone has a story-“good, bad, or ugly”. Most stories are at times good, at times bad, and at other times even ugly. I believe that all stories placed in the hands of God become part of the tapestry He weaves beautifully throughout all of history. God is the master weaver and the only artist who never makes a mistake. Most of the time we, as humans, cannot make any sense of the master plan, His plan. But there is a plan and we are a part of the beautiful tapestry.

This blog is still a baby blog and it’s master plan is now only vaguely housed in my finite mind. This blog will start with my mother’s story.

My mother has always loved reading and words. I have always loved and been fascinated by my mother’s story. So shortly after her grandchildren started to be born I encouraged her to write her story. She wrote it in installations and as a chapter would come to her she would put it in writing and share it with me. It is complete now and a blog is a great format to share it on. The purpose of the sharing in to show the beauty and master plan of every human story And above all to point to the master weaver.

Only The Master knows the future and completion of this blog. May God bless as you read. Johna.